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Case Western Reserve University requires first-year applicants to submit either the SAT or ACT, though the writing section of the ACT and the essay section of the SAT are each optional. SAT Subject tests are not required. Students can submit self-reported scores by completing the form on their applicant portal.

The SAT - Seminole State College Please visit the SAT website to request a copy of your scores. Seminole State will not accept unofficial copies of your SAT scores or scores listed on your high school transcript. If Seminole State does not receive your placement scores before your advisement appointment, you will be required to take the PERT. Required Application Materials | Harvey Mudd College Only admitted students who choose to enroll at Harvey Mudd College will be required to submit official score reports. SAT or ACT. We do not require the optional SAT Essay or the optional ACT Writing. Two SAT Subject Tests. One must be in Math Level 2; the other can be in any subject the student chooses. Final acceptable test dates

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Currently, only 25 colleges and universities require the SAT essay. You can see the complete list here. If there is any chance that you might apply to one of those schools, you should sign up for the essay. If you are not sure where you will apply, you should strongly consider signing up for the essay. Standardized Testing Requirements | Undergraduate Admissions Standardized Testing Requirements. AP and IB scores may not be used to fulfill SAT Subject Test requirements, but we do ask that you report them if taken. All required scores must be officially reported to Cornell from the testing agency by our application deadline. Freshman Application Requirements - Old Dominion University Official SAT/ACT scores* or Apply Test Optional * Applicants who choose not to participate in Score Choice, the SAT score-reporting policy, benefit as ODU will receive all test results and can review the highest section scores from multiple test dates.

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So, one or more of your colleges don't require an application essay. Woohoo!!! One less thing to worry about, right? Well, not quite. So far 2016 has proven to be a big year for changes to the college application process, especially where essays are concerned. The SAT is going back to an "optional" Writing section, and many elite colleges, including Cornell, Columbia, and UPenn have ... Yale joins list of big-name universities to drop SAT/ACT ... Jun 01, 2018 · In 2005, the main SAT was revised to include a required essay section, and the scale for the total test changed to a maximum score of 2400. In 2016, the main SAT was overhauled again. Does arizona state university application require or ask for ... Even if there is a essay process, a school like Asu would hardly have the time, resources and manpower to take a good look at your essay to determine how good it is. After all, there could be no more than a staff of 3-4 admissions personel and at least 5,000 applicants per semester at a school where I think the overall population excedes 17,000 ... First-year Admission Requirements - wcu.edu

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Freshman Requirements and Deadlines - usf.edu USF does not currently require or consider the optional Essay section of the SAT or the ACT for the admission or scholarship review processes. Likewise, SAT Subject Tests are not considered for admission or placement. USF's code for SAT is 5828 and for ACT is 0761. Does USF require an essay for freshmen? - reddit

No. Although the University of Michigan does require the ACT or the SAT test results, the U-M does not require the ACT's Writing section or the SAT's Essay.. Please note, however, that the University of Michigan does encourage students to submit all of their test results as the Admission Counselors will use an applicant's subscores from different test dates to make an applicant the most ...

UT will still require the essay portion of the test alongside the reading and writing section and math section of the new SAT to measure its effectiveness in predicting student success at UT ...

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